Felix Zilinskas
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They say you´re a miracle man

They say you´re a miracle man

from 45.00

Beautiful Acrylic and Indian inks on canvas hand made inspired by Kula Shaker song: Dr Kitt from the disc Strangefolk

Once I was fleeing the city trying to cross the fields

Cracking electrical storms chasing at my heels

Soon I was burning a fever like never before

I felt so alone but then I came to a door

It was the house of a doctor so I stepped inside

Doctor doctor they say you're a miracle man

The man with the miracle plan

Old guy was checking me out with his sapphire eyes

He said 'Sit down by the fire kid, just try to realise

You see, some times some things just don't happen they're all meant to be

Like going into that storm so you could run into me

Everybody needs a little help sometimes to seal the deal'

He said 'I ain't no preacher dealing lies

No cheater, no reaper in disguise.

Those are the agents of darkness and endless night (yeah).

'So tell me your name and I'll slip through that door

Back to that place that you heard of before

So hold on hold on there ain't no one quick fix' said Dr.Kitt

Doctor doctor they say you're a miracle man

The man with the miracle plan

For folk need love

But folk seek pain

There's nowt so strange as folk they say

There's nowt so strange as folk they say

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With the greatest care and expert hand of Barcelona printmakers with more than 140 years of experience handed down from generation to generation, the limited numbered series of silkscreen prints we sell are made on cold pressed acid free paper with Natural textures of 340gr. All these characteristics not only guarantee the quality of the piece and the faithful reproduction of the original, but also retain their colors and details for a lifetime, ensuring that your investment will be revalued over time.

Con el mayor de los cuidados y la mano experta de artesanos de la impresión de Barcelona con más de 140 años de experiencia transmitida de generación en generación, las series numeradas limitadas de serigrafías que vendemos son elaboradas en papel libre de ácido prensado en frío con texturas naturales de 340gr. Todas estas características no sólo garantizan la calidad de la pieza y la reproducción fiel del original, sino que también conservarán sus colores y detalles por toda una vida, asegurando que su inversión se revalorizará en el tiempo.